Duty preferences for NROTC nursing option.

  1. Good evening!

    It's that time of the year, and being a 1/C nursing-option Midshipman, it is time to select duty preferences.

    I realize that the majority of newly commissioned nurses go to the "Big 3" and I was curious if anyone could/would please share their experiences at the "Big 3" and/or any other duty station they feel is a great place to start. I am interested in the culture of the facility, the pros/cons, recommendations, anything.

    During the previous summer, I was fortunate to spend 3.5 weeks in at NMCSD for my 1st class nursing "cruise" and was able to explore the facilities plus the area pretty well (given the time frame). Therefore, I am somewhat biased to select SD as my first choice. After that, it is up in the air since I have no idea what the other areas, facilites, and bases are like and what they offer.

    Thank you, I very much appreciate any assistance.

    MIDN 1/C Hanson.
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