Army ROTC program in VA - Which one to go to?

  1. I know someone who is interested in doing an Army ROTC program here in VA or somewhere nearby. Currently she is looking into the ODU program.

    Has anyone gone through an Army ROTC Nursing program? Where? and how was your experience?

    Has anyone done an AirForce ROTC Nursing program?

    She also would like to eventually practice Neonatal nursing. Which branch would suit her best?

    Thanks for any help in advance
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  3. by   sl6ivy
    I was in the ROTC program at UVA in Charlottesville. I loved my experience only because I rarely participated, because no one really knows what to with the nurses. Let me clarify: ROTC is what you make of it. I was involved in a billion other things at school and military was the last on my to do list and because I was a nurse (only 2 of us) the Army ROTC program was really flexible with my schedule. I graduated in 2005, and there is new people over the ROTC program so your friend's experience may be different. Good luck