army nurse candidate program 12

  1. hey everyone!

    is there anyone else here that was selected for this years ancp? i just found out last week i was one of the 10 selected!! i'm super stoked and excited to see who else got selected as well.

    also a question for recent ancp graduates i was talking with my recruiter today going through paperwork for finalizing my official acceptance and he told me that we were only required to maintain a 2.5 gpa each semester during the program...i thought it was going to be 3.0 every semester/cumulative. do any previous ancp grads know if its really 2.5?

    it just seems like a mountain of paperwork, but its been worth it so far. I'm going next week to MEPS to officially swear in. looking forward to hearing from previous or current ancp members!
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  3. by   JJTRN
    They only chose 10!
    Man, cut backs are here for sure!
    You would think that the ARMY would have higher numbers than that. But , what do I know?
    Congrats on being chosen. Still awaiting my answer for the AF.Find out tomorrow????
  4. by   ritcal24
    thanks! i hope you hear some good news soon as well from the AF. i was really surprised when my recruiter showed me the final select page!! he didn't know how many actually applied, but i figured there would be a larger amount of students applying after they changed the min to 2 years exp for active duty.
  5. by   oaktown2
    ritcal24 - first off congrats! When do you graduate? Just wondering which fiscal year this is for.
  6. by   ritcal24
    thanks! i graduate next august so its for '12. can't wait to be done
  7. by   nurse311
    Hello! I'm actually on the wait list and anxiously awaiting a decision! I know that 6 spots are definitely taken and 4 spots are awaiting qualification. I'm hoping that something works out! Congratulations on your acceptance! How is everything going?
  8. by   ritcal24
    Thanks nurse311! Everything is going great so far. Processed all my paperwork and just waiting for my stipend to come in. Other than that its just trucking through school as usual. I hope you hear back soon and it all works out for you, good luck!
  9. by   kaner
    Hey! I was thinking about applying for the ANCP. I spoke to a recruiter who literally said, "you are going to hate yourself after going through the application process;" Implying that it is a brutal process. I didn't ask too many questions regarding the process because I hadn't been accepted to a nursing program at the time. I was just wondering what the process entails... Any bit of information would be great! Thanks!
  10. by   ritcal24
    I would suggest that when you do get your acceptance letter to go back to the recruiting (medical recruiting corps, not enlisted!) center. I started my application process when I moved to Maine in May (started classes in May) and I wasn't accepted until the middle of November and I swore in December. Having said that the application process took a good 4-6 months depending on how on top of things you are.

    You want to get that application in quick because 1. they only have 1 board a year now where they only accept around 10-15 people (don't take my word on this though because it always changes based on the needs of the Army). 2. On top of the $10,000 bonus (paid in 2 $5k payments at the start and then at the end of your program), you get a $1,000 stipend for every month your in a nursing program. You want to get every bit of that if your set on the Army! Even though my check didn't come through until just this February since I swore in/signed my paperwork in November when I got accepted I got stipend back pay for Dec/Jan.

    What they'll first have you do is take the ASVAB. This is because with the ANCP we get "enlisted" inactive ready reserve to be in the books to get our payments and then get commissioned as officers once we pass our NCLEX. Don't worry much of a stretch on this as its literally just like taking SAT level math and English. Those are the only sections that really matter in your composite score. I picked up an ASVAB for Dummies book and studied for a few weeks and got a 96 (you only need 50, but the higher the better your packet looks). Also try to get your GPA as high as possible before you go to board (most likely later this November). I think their looking for 3.3+ if possible. You'll also have to pass your physical at MEPS, which will most likely be the same time you take the ASVAB. Their pretty chill with officer recruits so don't worry about them intimidating the crap out of you. You'll be fine.

    Paperwork...just make sure you have your social security card, birth certificate, all transcripts, and other material prepared. I think you also need to prepare three letters of recommendations. Make sure you have your professors write you out an actual letter instead of filling out the Army guideline (it just looks better and more professional) in your school's official letterhead. Then you'll have to fill out I think it was some 56 page monster security application (for all officers) to get your security clearance. You'll have to list former jobs, every address you've lived the past 7 years, and three friends they know you in case they ever need to ask questions about you. Don't sweat this either, nurses only need a secret clearance so their not going to throw the book at you. But down the line if you needed a top secret clearance based on your station they would do a more intensive background check.

    So I heard that some people can get ALL this done in one month. It took me a good 3-4 months and I'd say I tried to be on top of things as most I could. But I was also taking a crapload of units so I wasn't always so free. I would recommend being really on top of things with your recruiter, if you show them your serious and don't lag with your me they'll pull their weight for you. Paperwork is a hassle because you're going to be filling out a lot of it, but if your heart is set on the Army trust me its worth it. They usually also want you to have your packet complete at least a month before the actual board date so like October if its in November. This is so they could send your packet and make the necessary changes if it happens to get bounced back. Or get any necessary waivers if needed.

    I'd say it's competitive because they want high scores in both GPA and ASVAB because they have more applicants than spaces, but its also tough because you could get D/Qed during your physical if they find anything off. I hope I answered some of your questions and I'm sorry for ranting a bit. If you have any further questions feel free to ask! Good luck with your school applications and Army plans.
  11. by   kaner
    Thank you very much for being so thorough; it was extremely helpful!
  12. by   nurse311
    Ritcal24 did such a great job explaining the process. I actually got all of my application and everything done in about a week and a half, which is absolutely insane. The average time is about 6 months for completion. Some of the things that you might want to focus on before starting the process is to start getting some references in line. My recruiter wanted 5 references, 2 of which had to be clinical instructors that could explain my work ethic in the hospital and interacting with patients. Also make sure that you can make weight and can pass the physical (no extensive medical history) because these things can automatically set you back or disqualify you altogether. They accept 15 candidates nationally and it is sometimes possible for them to accept more candidates if they decide that they need them or for them to pull from the ANCP list if their RN program (I'm not sure what the name is) does not successfully fill all 25 positions. I am currently wait-listed and second on the list; my recruiter said that we should know between March and May, so I'm anxiously awaiting the news. Either way, my best advice is to start talking to your recruiter once you are at a good spot in your nursing program and get going on the application. I didn't know about ANCP until two weeks before the deadline, so just be sure that you know it's what you want to do and get working on that application once it opens in June. Best of luck to you, kaner!!
  13. by   nurse311
    Oops, I mean 10 candidates selected. Sorry!