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  1. Hello Dave123, My name is Shion... sorry for the late you can see i'm a baby to this BB, I'm a 91C' LPN for all those non military persons out there, currently stationed overseas in the Republic of Korea......the ROK as it is lovingly called anyway this is my first enlistment and my more likely than not my last........I entered into the military as a civilian LPN which is a little different than most 91C's .

    The adjustment has been challenging and rewardiing at the same time but I think to accomplish my goal of obtaining my RN in the time frame that I would like I will have to do it out side of the military.

    I tell you one thing you definately get to travel in this job. Don't think I would have ever made it to Asia other wise.
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  3. by   Dave123
    Hey there Shion,

    its good to hear from you. Sorry it took awhile to get back but I have been very busy with a PCS move and of course my "house hold goods" are lost.

    I never was stationed in Korea, thank god. I know i would have been up on the DMZ and that would have really sucked.

    So, how do you like it so far, military medicine that is? Do you know where you are coming back to, you should find out your return base at midway tour.

    Let me know if you need any info, I played the game for many years and was good at it.

  4. by   Bozo180
    A question....

    What's an LPN? Is that like a medical assistant (corpsman?)?

    I've worked with soldiers from ROK. Pretty cool bunch, but also a little scarey. Not as scarey as the Ghurkas though......

  5. by   shionpn
    hey dave ,
    always better late than never I always say, anyway I'll be returning to ft Meade MD, which is only 3hrs away from home (NY) so for me I'm pretty happy with that.

    As for the "ROK" can't wait to get back to the states its been interesting but I miss my family terribly. Well I'm stationed in the 2nd Inf. Div at Camp Casey, which is the farthest that I could possibly go north.

    I work at the ER here in Casey I've had the privilege of working along side some really wonderful MD's and have had some wonderful experiences , saw things that I probably would have never been able to see being stationed states side. only thing is I've had to do alot of shift work.......12hrs shifts sometime 7-9 days straight due to the shortage of our (91C's)MOS up here whew!!! but it has truly made my time go by quickly ........thank goodness.

    I'm schedule to leave here the 13 of Nov if all continues to go well and things remain relatively stable...... KIT look fwd to hearing from you. Shion
  6. by   shionpn
    hey bozo180
    an LPN Licensed Practical Nurse....which is a nurse that works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or and MD .. ..the LPN has limitations on what s/he may or may not do, and depending on the state in which they are practicing, the facilities also dictate the duties of these nurses (LPN/LVN)........I'm not familiar with the corpsman and whats in their scope of practice. hope I've helped you some
  7. by   Dave123
    Hey there,

    well I am glad you like the Casey tour. One thing to look into when you get back is that military 91Cs can sit for RN boards in certain states.

    Hey Bozo180: I never worked with the Gurkas, but they legendary.
    The ROKs I have worked with as well as many different special op units at the arctic warfare school in Alaska and the ROKs were hard like stone.

    Originally posted by Dave123
    ...One thing to look into when you get back is that military 91Cs can sit for RN boards in certain states.
    Hi Dave,
    I'm currently a 91 Charlie or shall I say 91 Whisky with a M6 identifier...still not use to this new MOS...LOL I'm currently in the Reserve stationed in South Jersey & am insterested in finding out, if it's true, what states we Whiskies can sit for the RN boards. Will we need additional education in order to receive an ADN/AAS or are we granted a diploma or are we just grandfathered over after taking the CLEP exam?

    I really am interested in knowing...I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program in Philadelphia, PA which hasn't really taught me much more in regards to clinical nursing knowledge & skills. The only courses that I've not had in civilian LPN school were pathophysiology, A&P I&II lectures with labs, MicrobiologyI/Biology I&II with labs, Chemistry I&II with labs, college level pharmacology, nursing leadership, nursing research, community nursing, & critical care nursing. I would like to know how it is that we would be illegable to CLEP without taking those other additional classes that's designed to separate the LPNs from the RNs? I've have already invested so much money in my education & really would like this information so that I might be able to pass the information on to other Whiskies whom might not wish to or can afford to or able to return to any extended time in college, as I have.

    Thanks a lot - Moe.:kiss
  9. by   Sekar
    SKM-NURSIEPOOH, currently the only state that recoginzes Army 91C training as RN equivalent is West Virginia. I just got my packet down from them. The kicker is that you have to have been trained by the Army to be a LPN. Civilian LPNs who enter the Army (what we Army trained 91Cs refer to as Shake N' Bakes) don't qualify to sit the boards. There will be NO reciprocity with other states RN boards as they don't recoginze the training as RN equivalent. This is OK with me as I plan on working at the local Army hospital and I don't have to be licensed in NC to practice at a Federal facility. If you meet the criterial, it would be worth your time to write off and sit the boards. All you have to do is call the WV RN board and they will send you the application packet. Hope this helps you.
    thanks for the info...but i, unfortunately, am one of those shake n' bakers civilian acquired charlies/whiskies. i guess i'll have to go through the entire bsn program first before being able to sit for the nclex-rn boards... oh well.
  11. by   lauritasol
    This is a little off the current subject, but was wondering if anyone knows...

    I know that they have now combined the 91B and 91C to 91W, but I was a 91B and EMT for 4 years prior to this conversion. Does anyone know in what states I could sit for the LPN license? I am in Oklahoma and am working in a hospital, but can only do basic nursing assistant tasks. The BON says that I can sit for the AUA test (accredited unauthorized aid - I think), but only if the Army will give me a sheet of all the tasks I was trained on. So, I am now looking into that, however I do not know how easy that will be to attain.

    Anyway, I saw the info on this board about Army LPN to civilian RN, and was wondering if I could go Army medic to civilian LPN. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate it!
  12. by   joannaend
    I can see you havnt been on his site for awhile but I'm finishing LPN school in Dec and am very interested in joining the Army, can you please tell me what will happen after I join, what I can expect, what I should watch for before signing my life over lol