Anyone work for the Bureau of Prisons?

  1. I am interested in knowing if there is anyone out there who has worked for the Bureau of Prisons. What is the climate like within the federal prison system?
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  3. by   wtxcchp
    The company I work for contracts with a private company who runs a BOP unit here in Texas.

    It is somewhat different from regular corrections, just because of what all is "given" to the inmates. But other than that, not much.

    No, we are not on the Federal pay scale, but I feel we are competitive with the nursing salaries in this area of the world.
  4. by   Jupiter James
    Hey I work for the BOP what kinds of questions do you have? I find it to be an intresting place to work...
  5. by   Jackal66
    I could use your help! I would like to work for the Bureau of Prisons in South Carolina, but I kind of seem to be getting conflicting signals from human resource personnel. I've talked to some health service administrators about positions and they direct me to, so I go there to apply to find out there is no postings. There is a pdf document for health service vacancies updated thru the month of May and they list vacancies in Estill, Edgefield, Williamsburg, and Bennetsville for RNs, but when I call they say they don't have any and they post all positions for RNs with opening and closing date on
    I guess I'm just a little frustrated because I'm very interested in working for the BOP, but they don't seem like they are on fire to hire RNs. Should I be doing something different to get a job with the BOP or just wait for the postings of Thanks for any feedback.