Any advice About PHS Corp

  1. Does anyone have any advice about the Public health human service corp. I know they want bachelor or master degree nurses. A little background a LPN finishing the rest of nursing education currently finishing a reserve army contract. Just trying to get some info other than what the sight gives. Thanks any response would be helpful.
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  3. by   wtbcrna
    What I found out when I was looking into the USPHS was that it was very close to having a civilian job day to day, but with the fact you are always working in gov't facilities/American Native facilities. You have pretty much 100% say so where you go and how long you stay there.

    There is many interesting jobs with the USPHS, and the thing that I like the best was the ability to be a ready responder.

    To me the appeal was all the benefits of the military, but w/o a lot of the hassles that come with the military sometimes.
    1. Very short deployments: 3-4 wks at a time usually in the continental US only.
    2. Almost complete say so in your assigment process.
    3. Higher starting rank and faster promotions that the military branches.

    These are the pluses, but if you are looking the gung ho military USPHS isn't it. Also, the camaraderie that you would find in the military I just don't think would be there in USPHS.