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  1. I originally posted the following message back in Jan. I am so excited to say I was just offered an OB position at Ft Carson! I hope to work there until my husband retires and then attempt to join the Air Force. Can anyone provide info on staying at the bedside as an OB nurse?

    Hello Everyone!
    I would like to get opinions from active duty OB nurses, or any other active duty nurses. I am a previous active duty OB nurse. I separated just over 10 years ago when I had my first child, mainly due to the difficulty finding childcare for 12 hr nights while we were stationed overseas and worrying about both my husband and I deploying at the same time. My husband no longer works a rotating schedule and is close to retirement. I am considering attempting to come back in. I have 11 yrs total service. I know the reality of OB nursing....I have no desire to become a midwife or an NP. Is it true that we can actually stay at the bedside and still get promoted? I also served as a group exec for over a year, and really do not have any desire to go the command route either at this point in my life. I just like being a good bedside nurse and I love the autonomy of OB nursing. I truly miss the young AF families I took care of. I am currently working as a School Nurse which is challenging and enjoyable. I know I need to get back into L&D before I attempt to apply. I just want to know how Air Force OB nursing is now. Thanks for any information!
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