Air Force NTP 2012 Selectees

  1. Hey everyone, seems like no one has talked on here for awhile since the results were posted. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone on the waiting list. I was selected for a MEDSURG position and leave to COT in Jan. For all the selectees still waiting to go to COT I just wanted to let you know some things. If you want to get a military ID card before COT and get your family in DEERS before you leave to training then you can. I just got done doing this, and was able to get a military ID for myself and my husband and put them in DEERS. The benefits of getting an ID card before you leave is that if you are like me and live near a AF base then you can go on there and get your uniforms before COT if you want or utilize the BX and Commissary. My husband was active duty so he helped me get throughout the whole process. In order to get your ID:

    1) You must be in DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment System). You can verify if you are in deers by going to [COLOR=#003366] and then clicking on "Sign Up Now" on the right hand side of the screen. If it will let you create an account you are in DEERS and can go to your nearest ID card center which you can locate using the RAPIDS site [COLOR=#003366]

    2) Bring two forms of ID's to the ID card center, (Drivers Lic, Passport, SSN Card) your orders if you have them and your comissioning paperwork. If you have dependents then you need to bring their birth certificate, marriage license and also two froms of ID's. You can contact the ID card center closest to you to find out if they require any additional documents.

    If you are 30 days or less from going on active duty per your orders, they will give you a CAC card which is the Acitve Duty ID card. If you are more than 30 days out from being active then you will get a reserve ID card. Your dependents will get an ID card also, if you have a child they have to be 10 years or older to get an ID card unless they will not be with your spouse who has an ID card, in which case they would get one.

    As far as getting your household goods shipped to your ulimate duty station, you can do the process electronically through You have to request a User name and Password through the site which for me took less than an hour. Once you have access to the website you can start setting up your household goods to be shipped. You will need to have your orders we all get EAD or extended active duty orders to start the process. Once you fill out all the information on the website it will have you print two documents at the end of it. You will need to email, fax or bring in person to your nearest TMO office. For us in Colorado it was Peterson AFB down in Colorado Springs. We just scanned those two papers we got at the end of the process and a copy of our orders and emailed it to the TMO office.

    Good luck everyone, and I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions. I went on Buckley AFB the other day to start getting my uniforms and they had a lot of stuff there and it was a pretty easy task as my husband helped me know what to get. You can get a list of the uniform items you need on the COT inbound trainees section on the COT website.
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