Air Force COT questions

  1. First of many questions:

    How much time is there before the end of COT and the beginning of your new nursing job? I should be heading to COT on June 29. If COT runs for four weeks, and ends on (for example) a Friday, do I start work at Wilford Hall three days later, on that Monday? I am just wondering if I have to set up my housing/apartment whatever *before* COT starts, or if I will have a few days to do that after COT.

    Second question:

    Is there a ribbon that is automatically granted once COT has been successfully completed, such as the Air Force Training Ribbon? I think the only other two you can earn at COT are Small Arms Expert Marksmanship and USAF Basic Military Training Honor Graduate, correct?

    Third question:

    Is there any source for getting study materials ahead of time, or are they not available before COT. If not, any suggestions for study?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    M Metzler, RN, BSN....soon to be 2nd Lt.
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  3. by   wtbcrna
    Try this link it will explain most things about COT and you can download the operating instructions (which will be what your 1st test is on).

    I think you get 7-10d between COT and arriving to your duty station depending on where your 1st duty station is and where you are coming from. It should be in your orders when you get them exactly what day you have to report to your new duty station.

    Ribbons: You should get AF training ribbon and GWOT ribbon sometime during/or at the end of COT. You won't be doing firearm training at COT unless things have changed.
  4. by   The Little Greek
    You'll only have a few days after COT to report to Wilford Hall. Like wtbcrna said, the time alloted should be stated on your orders when you get them. Be warned that if you take more than the alloted days to report you will be charged leave. Once you report to Wilford Hall you will likely be given house hunting days. The number will depend on your Commander.

    The OIs are the only things you will have access to prior to COT. All the other materials are given to you on your first class day. I studied the OIs before going to COT and I'm not sure it did me that much good. Until you are in the mix of things some of what is mentioned won't make much sense.
  5. by   tulpen1234
    I am not going to be much help to you. But I will be going to COT in Aug and then to Wilford Hall also. I am wondering about the housing thing also. You should be getting a sponsor, this person will be your point of contact for questions. You are suppose to have this info for COT also.
  6. by   Shimano0606
    Your new supervisor will authorize "Permissive TDY" for your househunting when you show up. When I reported to Wilford Hall a year ago, I got 8 working days...which was plenty of time for San Antonio. Do you know which unit you'll be working on? If so, you can call and find out about best places to live since most of the hospital is scheduled to move across town in the next couple of years. Your gaining unit should have a sponsor for you to help you with the transition. Let me know if you need phone numbers or anything, and I can get them to you off the forum.
  7. by   tulpen1234
    any ideas how that works with permissive tdy if you are doing NTP? and Wilford Hall is your first base?
  8. by   Shimano0606
    Just check with your sponsor. That situation sounds like it would be more flexible. If you're spending x# of weeks at Lackland before you've officially PCS'd, then your supervisor may not be as anxious to give you househunting leave since you'll have some time, while you're in NTP, to do some househunting. It will just depend on your supervisor...the more lax supervisor would give it to you while a stickler may not. Keep in mind that I haven't been to NTP, so I don't really know how much off-duty time is required to excel in the program. The more labor intensive NTP is then the better your chances of getting the househunting leave. Hope that helps.
  9. by   Spencer2002
    i got through meps and have my chief nursing interview in a couple of weeks. looks like you all have been through this. can you give me so ideas on what to expect in the interview, i’m getting a little nervous? if everything goes good in the interview, i'm told i will go to cot in oct 09

    does anyone know if they do f/u lab work or any other tests at cot? all they did at meps was a red top, i thought they may draw a purple and yellow top?
  10. by   Spencer2002
    During my interview with Chief of Nursing I was strongly encouraged to think about Peds. NP school and to get prepared to take my GRE......Is this typical of a Chief Nurse interview. I'm not even sure I'm in yet? I'm thinking this is a good sign. It has been a week since my interview. I emailed my recruiter but not response yet?
  11. by   The Little Greek
    Quote from spencer2002
    does anyone know if they do f/u lab work or any other tests at cot? all they did at meps was a red top, i thought they may draw a purple and yellow top?
    yes, you will have more lab work done at cot. can't remember what exactly but i do remember a uds and a dna sample.
  12. by   Spencer2002 has been two week since my Chief Nurse interview. How or who will I hear from if I'm accepted?
  13. by   Shimano0606
    You should hear from your recruiter (most likely). The time frames vary considerably from a few weeks to a few months. Sounds like you're on pins and needles From my experience, the Chief Nurse Interview was only a piece of the process. There should be an actual board that meets that looks at bundles of packages at the same time (usually on a monthly basis). If your package is the only one that's ready, chances are that they will wait on other packages to trickle in before they officially review yours. I went through the same thing and it was 2-3 months before I heard anything..and then I was told that they wanted additional things submitted. Don't be discouraged...just be productive while you're waiting. You'll get in!!
  14. by   Spencer2002
    Thank you SO MUCH! I guess I shouldn't quit my job....yet People at work have been asking about my acceptance and I'm not sure what to say. My wife and I are going a little crazy trying to figure out what the future could be, and if I will get my first station I selected. Thanks for the quick response.