AFROTC questions: Any AFROTC grads out there??

  1. Hello,

    I am currently in AFROTC in San Diego and am set to Graduate this coming May. There are about four of us nurses graduating, and our detachment literally has no answers to any of our questions, apparently we are the first nurses to come through in years. Are there any AFROTC grads out there that know the process?

    1. When do we find out what base we will go to?
    2. Which bases have NTP?
    3 Approximately how long after passing NCLEX to we leave for NTP?

    Any answers would be great!
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  3. by   Husker_Student_Nurse
    I don't have all the answers, but I am in similar situation. Are you active duty? Let me know and I can probably help you out a little more.

  4. by   Smash567
    I am in ROTC so I do not commission until June of 2012.
  5. by   Husker_Student_Nurse
    Ok. So no your not active duty. I am currently active duty on a scholarship program that allows me to go to school full time while getting full pay/benefits, etc. I am attached to an AFROTC Det and they don't really have much to offer during the whole process of getting your base, NTP, etc. How it works for me is: I will receive and email soon asking what I would like to do (OB/Med-Surg) and where I would like to be stationed (get 3 choices). Then I will receive another email later after that telling me what my assignment is and where I will attend NTP. Not sure if there is any say in the NTP location. As far as NCLEX, for me, I have to pass prior to August 2012 (graduate May 2012) when I am scheduled for COT. Not sure if this helps or not, but hopefully. Like I said, this is the process for me already being active duty. Don't know if it is the same for you.
  6. by   crj5047
    I am a senior nursing student at Penn State Det 720. Will be graduating in May and taking boards in June.
    I was contacted by Air Force Personnel Center by a Major, asking me a series of questions including what track you want and top 6 base choices. I sent all the needed information back and also asked her when I would know my NTP location and base assignment and she said in January/Feb 2012. According to a nurse on active duty, they will try their best to get your NTP at your first base but she actually did hers in a civilian hospital in Arizona and then was stationed at Nellis AFB. There's no guarantees but if you go on and look where the NTP programs are offered and compare it to the list of bases we have to choose from, which is what I did, I am hoping to get Travis AFB and only have to make one big move. By this point, you have probably figured most of this out but if you have any questions feel free to ask and hopefully this post will help any AFROTC nurses that are sophomores or juniors.
  7. by   crj5047
    In addition to the above post, in regard to commissioning, you cannot commission until you pass NCLEX. I would suggest scheduling your exam early, by June is good. You can then commission in June, get orders for NTP and report to the hospital by August which is a good transition.
  8. by   2012RN2b

    I'm also active duty attending nursing school on scholarship and graduate May 12. They've consolidated the NTP and now there are only four sites:

    a. 59th Medical Wing, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX
    b. University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
    c. Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center, Scottsdale, AZ

    d. Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL

    As far as how soon we leave for NTP we will have to attend commissioned officer training (COT) at Maxwell AFB in AL first there are 3 classes toward the end of the year :

    29 May-29 Jun
    2 Jul- 3 Aug
    27 Aug-28 Sep

    I'm thinking more than likely we'll end up in the 27 Aug class. After COT we will do a Temporary Duty enroute to your base to one of the NTP sites.

    Others that graduated in prior years generally took NCLEX late june to early july and left for COT in late Aug.
    Hope this helps