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I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this... Read More

  1. by   dccubano
    Just finished my first semester, and it is no joke. Tell all your loved ones that you will see them when the semester is over. The material isn't difficult, it is the quantity of material they try to stuff in your head, and the rate that they do it. I also suggest you get an NCLEX book to practice with. My fundamentals class was all nclex style questions. You may know the material but you need to be able recognize the best answer in a sea of correct answers. You can also expect to see information from your patho/pharm class pop up in your assessment of fundies class. The professors know about everything you are learning in other classes and it is all fair game. With that said, I wouldn't trade in the stress for anything in the world. Know your strengths and weakness and get help from your peers when you are struggling, and be there for them if they need your help. You are going to make great friends and you are going to learn so much.
  2. by   ncox1
    I agree with dccubano, there is a great deal of stress with any BSN program. I have a wife and 4 kids and joke that during school my wife is a single parent... There is some truth to that humor aside. I just finished my 3rd term and will complete my last in MAY. You begin to adjust to the stress as your program progresses so instead of throwing your laptop across the room (1st term) you just daydream of it (3rd term). Make friends right away, square away study groups, and remember that these programs are not competitive but collaborative (help your battle buddy out). Savor your breaks and reconnect to the world then but remember that nursing school is not the time to keep your social life up. Just things I've picked up along the way.
  3. by   Jermanee
    Do all of the UF 195's have to be recent? I am about to PCS, but I want to also get a UF 195 from my current brigade nurse. I don't plan on applying until FY 15 or 16. Also I am currently trying to complete my pre reqs and have my top 3 choices of schools. They are University of Texas Health Science Center @ San Antonio, University of Maryland, and Austin Peay. Does anybody else have any other recommendations for other schools?
  4. by   shmegan20
    This site will not let me post the link to the page. I would just search AECP on Facebook and see if you can find it... there are only 5 members so far
  5. by   shmegan20
    The UF 195s should be within the last year. I would keep in touch with your brigade nurse, but you will need those letters completed closer to you packet deadline.
  6. by   ncox1
    Quote from shmegan20
    This site will not let me post the link to the page. I would just search AECP on Facebook and see if you can find it... there are only 5 members so far
    Two groups on FaceBook come up on that search, some group from University of Arizona and some foreign soccer group. You can email the link to me at
  7. by   jkcp88
    I am working on my packet right now and have to do an academic memo because it is like 16 months before the start of my semester and I can not find an example of one anywhere. Does anyone have one??
  8. by   ncox1
    I had to do an acedemic memo as well and did get accepted with it. I remember it was in the example packet but that was two years ago so I'm not sure what they have done to the AECP packet (they change it every year). If it's not in the example packet at the end of the AECP book then email the POC in the book and they will give you exactly what I needed. It's good to touch base anyways with them cause you get more info then what's in the packet. I was short on my cumulative SAT score as well as my school was over the 50 mile distance from a MTF and I assumed that it was a no-go. I called and talked to the NCOIC and he said to send it any ways. Got accepted, go figure... Oh ya, on top of that I had to put in a age waiver and my security clearance was pending so I thought for sure that they would not select me. I just finished nursing school and walk the stage in 2 days.
  9. by   jkcp88
    Any chance you have an example of your memo cause I hit up the SFC in charge but she just told me to read the guidlines but there is no example of this memo for the company commander to sign.
  10. by   ncox1
    Sorry, I just went through all my emails and am not able to find it. I remember I used the form straight from the packet. It was more of a fill in the blank form if I remember correctly. I just downloaded the FY 2013 and 2014 guidelines and they don't have the examples like I remember... Not sure why, maybe I just remember it differently.

    Work with what you have I guess. Following what's in the guidelines stated on the standard Army memo format (I just pulled up one of my Commanders policy memos and went off that) and fill in the blanks. Have your NCO check it for you then make an appointment with your Commander/1SG. Your command should be helpful in this process, not a hinder.

    Here is what it says in the guidelines:

    a. Option 2: If a school is unwilling to provide a CLA under Option #1 above, then Soldiers may prepare a Academic Plan Memo (APM) signed by them and their Company Commander in the grade of O-3 or above, that clearly states what if any pre-req's that they must meet prior to receiving an Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (ULA). Soldiers must show where they have a plan for acceptance into a minimum of 3 schools. Consolidate the plans into only 1 APM. Under this option Soldiers must have at the time of the board 9 SH or fewer total remaining pre-requisites and of these 9 SH, no more than 6 SH may be Math or Science related courses i.e. Biology, Algebra, A&P I, etc.. The APM must also state the projected date for the start of classes and the projected graduation date (Month/Year). These Soldiers must then if selected, provide the AECP Manager, NLT than 90 days prior to the start of classes the same items listed in paragraphs a and b at the top of the previous page for the school to which they were accepted.

    I only had one school in my packet and it worked just fine but that was 2 years ago.

    Just create the memo using your Commanders policy letters as a template and fill in the blanks. Good luck!
  11. by   jkcp88
    Question???? I am not in the medical field currently so I dont have a Chief Nurse is that part required, or can i just substitute it for my 1SGs recommendation.
  12. by   ncox1
    Regardless of being in the medical field it pretty much is the same process. I'm medical but I didn't work with nurses so I didn't know any. What I did was make and appointment with the DCN (deputy commander of nursing) at the instillation's hospital. I basically went in there and was interviewed by the DCN and she wrote a letter based upon my responses from the interview. Seemed like a job interview cause a lot of questions that were asked me were the same like "why do you want to be an Army Nurse" and "how could you contribute to the Nurse Corps" kind of stuff. Just run it by your chain or command first cause they want eyes on that kind of stuff.
  13. by   dccubano
    @jkcp88: I wasn't in the medical field either, regardless you still need a recommendation letter from a Chief Nurse. I called my nearest MTF and tracked down an email address for the Chief Nurse. I wrote to her and explained what I was trying to do and she scheduled an appointment. I brought a copy of my completed packet so she could get some insight about me, see my prerequisite grades, and read over what the leadership in my unit had to say about me. We spoke for about 45 minutes (very informal interview) and told me she would be more than happy to write a recommendation based on our meeting. The process was painless, but you need to be prepared and professional. I made sure I had a complete and professional packet for her to look over. I hope this helps and good luck.