ADN Grad, What will I be in any branch?

  1. What grade should an ADN grad expect in any branch? Do you have to complete a BSN before being commissioned? Do any branches commission ADN grads? Other than patriotism why should I join?
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  3. by   ANC_Maj
    You may receive a commission - but only in the Reserve Component. Active duty, regardless of branch of service, only commissions BSN-prepared nurses.

    As far as why should you join, it is a very individual decision. Ask 10 people why they joined and you'll likely get 10 different answers. In my opinion, I am a soldier first, foremost, and always. In my opinion there is no greater honor than being part of an organization that protects the people and values of this country and ensures continuing freedom for our citizens, not to mention spreading freedom around the world. In addition, I am privileged to be a part of the team providing medical care for those (past and present) who have defended our freedom and made this country what it is today.
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