Government Contractor?



My spouse has been offered a position with CasePro; they are a government contractor. Does anyone know anything about this company? Apparently their contract with the Navy is up next year; the recruiter told him that it is unlikely they won't get the contract again, but wanted him to know that it is a possibility they would not. The recruiter told him that if another company would get the contract, he would keep his job (as long as the hospital is satisfied with his work) and the same pay. There is a big background/security clearance check to be done which worries us a little. Hubby has never even had a speeding ticket, but we lost our house in foreclosure last year--did not file bankrupty---but are enrolled in a debt management program to get out debts paid off. Anyone know if this would keep him from passing the background/security clearance? It is a good opportunity and the pay is great (benefits are super expensive, but I can carry those) but this type of job opportunity is totally new to us. Any info/opinions would be appreciated. Thank you!


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Ive never heard of CasePro but that sounds about right for being a miltary contract. Companies come and go but the needs remain plus if the company does lose the contract your husband can apply for a GS position and maybe get some preference.

As for your finances, that is not a big deal, unless you owe back taxes and even then you just have to prove you have made payment arrangements. Be prepared for a long hiring process (3-6 months).


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Thanks Tango, I appreciate your response. The CasePro recruiter told my hubby that the "approval process" would be a minimum of 2.5 months. We're keeping our fingers crossed everything works out !