Got a New Job Scared To DEath

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Hi my name is Stephanie and I passed my boards in November ( thank God) . Anyways I finally got an interview and all they have to do is do a background check, but my problem is that I am really scared to start working because my school was horrible and we didn't get much clinical experience, and I'm so worried that I will make mistakes with people. I'm sorry to vent I'm just always been shy and a little anxious. Any advice is needed.




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I'm sure you'll have an on-going orientation with another LPN or RN on the floor you will be working on (They usually last a couple weeks-months). I'm also a newly graduated LPN and my interview is this Saturday.. and I'm a bit nervous but I hope I'll do fine. Got any advice for interviews?

Anyways, good luck! Let us know how your new job goes.


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You guys are lucky to have an interview lined up...I wish I have an interview coming this week..Good luck I hope you guys get the job!!


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Hey mackzzz,

The only advice I can give you is not to be too nervous , know the company and just know your basic lab values, medications because sometimes they give you a little test to test your compentancy, Just be prepared.

I'll let you know how my job is going. Thanks for all the support.



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Congrats ladies!!!