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Got Accepted! CCC - 2016

So excited!!! Going to be starting the nursing program at Capital Community College this coming Fall! Anyone else found out about their status?

My question for the Nursing students is the following: how hard is the first semester of the associates in Nursing degree? How many hours did you study, besides the normal class and clinical time?

Thank you, and congrats to those who got accepted! Also, anybody who has any questions just let me know, I'll help you if I can!

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Hi there

I taught there for many years. It is a lot of hard work and dedication. We recommend less than 40

Hours of work per week to help with the transition and course load. Every student is different so it really depends on their learning styles and how they interpret the lectures. Good luck!!

Hello! I got accepted for the fall 2016 semester as well. I am very excited but have my reservations about it too as I intend to work full time through at least the first two semesters. Luckily I have completed all my co-requisite courses and have plenty of vacation time should I need to take extra days off here and there. I've heard from counseling that study groups are important and will help get you through the program. Let me know if you'd like to start one!

Hi i actually have a few questions for you i am interested in Capital i will be applying fall 2018 i am currently in A&P II now . my first question is have you heard anyone getting into capital or any nursing school with a C in anatomy ? i've heard some people say yes and no

second question is how was the admission process easy or hard submitting so much information to the college?

third question is does capital offer night nursing classes? i work Day shift so i would have to attend classes after 3:30pm


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