Good Schools in Dallas for Nursing in Dallas Tx??


Right now im trying to decide whether to A) go Lvn and after school start work in a Dr's office.... WHILE going back to school for my RN OR B) go to school for my RN and possibly try to get a job in the field while going to school. What are good schools in the dallas area for both options? Which one makes the most sense With this economy? Are there jobs that I can have in the medical field while im in school for either of these? :confused: Thanks so much for your answers :)


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I went to school at El Centro in Dallas. It's a community college and offers both RN and LVN. I did the RN route. It's tough to get in to and even tougher to stay in once accepted. Not sure on LVN, I heard funding was low so they might discontinue it. I would go for RN, yeah it's longer but it's worth it in the long run.

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