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any good rn or (lvn to rn) programs in OC CA area


hello my name is daniel im a student nurse at an lvn program ..well my question is what is a good rn or lvn to rn program in oc area where i live . unfortunately i didn't pick the best of schools (cit college ...trade school:crying2:) but im not going make that mistake again .. if anyone knows of a good programs preferably traditional schools like community colleges ..goldenwest or long beach or any good private schools . which in the area of oc are the best in terms of good reputation , good clinical sites, good school curriculum .etc i even preferred if its a hard school to get into ex ..(requiring prerequisites , a high gpa , etc) any knows of a link i could go to , phone i should for more info #, or anyones personal experience that could help me!! i want a well respected nursing program .i will make all the efforts

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