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I am currently a pre-nursing student in Florida and am possibly going to move to Atlanta. I know that the nursing schools there are competetive, so I want to get a jump for the earliest possible entry (Fall or Spring). I currently have a 3.6 overall and 4.0 pre-req GPA, so I am curious which school(s) would be best to apply for? I am looking to get an AS first and then get the BSN or move directly to PA later.

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University of West Georgia is great! I go there. It's in the small town of Carrollton and is a very aggressive program. They are very supportive and really want you to succeed. They also have a part-time nursing program if you have to work. I know that ~90% of students graduating from the part-time program pass the NCLEX the 1st time (which for me is very encouraging). If you want to be closer to the city of Atlanta (since UWG is abour 20 minutes from Alabama) Kennesaw State has an accelerated program that has a great reputation. Also, there's always Georgia State University. Good luck in your move!:)


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There aren't a lot of ASN programs in the area. I got mine at Gordon College, but have to be enrolled at the college before you can apply to the nursing program. We had the highest pass rate in 2004 (haven't seen any more recent stats), and I got into the program with a 3.8 GPA


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Hi I was wondering if GBC has a waiting list for nursing. I'm moving to Atlanta in about 2 years and i'm trying to finish nursing school down there.So can any one help out the cincinnati girl trying to move down south? Thx

Not sure if there are any ADN programs in Atlanta, but there are a handful of BSN programs such as Georgia State, Emory University and Mercer University. You can see a complete list of state approved BSN programs here:

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