Good Luck CSN Girls!


Well guys! I didn't get in this time with my 25 points BUT I wanted to wish you guys so much luck in the program! Hopefully I'll be right behind you! I take the TEAS on January 17th AAACCCCCKKKK Scared!

Lemme know how things go for you! :yeah:


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Thanks!! Good luck with your test! Keep us posted on how things are going!


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i took the teas on that same day also on the 17th, i passed with an 80%, i was kinda dissappointed i wanted a higher score! how did you do?


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I ended up with a 84.7%...not bad. I felt okay about it! Did you get your application turned in?? I ended up having 27 points. Hopefully its enough!


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turned it in yesterday, i also have 27 points, thought i had 28 but no. the lady told me that 27 is very good! the applications may decrease this time since its the first time they're using the teas, so people who fail can't apply or use their old test like they use to with the NLN. so i dont know, good luck!!!

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