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Good employers near Phoenixville, Pa


Has 9 years experience.

Hello everyone,

My young family and I are planning on relocating to the Phoenixville, Pa area (or thereabouts...definitely not within Philly proper; Chester Co most likely) from Westchester County, NY. We are relocating to achieve a better cost of living in an area with great public schools, to decrease our commuting time (currently at least 45min each way) and to live closer to family.

I am a certified pediatric nurse (RN, BSN) and am interested in learning first hand tales about the nursing opportunities in the area. Can anyone recommend a great employer around there? I am a currently working in an ambulatory setting in peds GI (I work 8+ hr days, M-F, plus qo Saturday). I actually love peds GI--I don't assist in the endo suite--I do a lot of patient teaching re egd/colons, as well as disease management (IBD, eoe, celiac, etc). While I'd love a similar environment/schedule, I'm open to new things. I definitely prefer peds, regardless of subspecialty.

I mainly just want to hear first hand accounts from nurses that work in the area--what you like, what you don't like. Please share the good and the bad! If you have any advice on life in the area (daycares, housing, etc), I'd love to hear that too. (Like all of you, I wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities as a Rn, mom, wife and would value any info you provide regarding life in PA r/t all my identities!!)

Thank you so much!