Gonzaga FNP program questions


  1. Are online FNP programs reputable, resulting in job aquisition and proficiency??

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      Absolutely, I found a job easily after my online program, and was not viewed any differently.
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      The online aspect of the program may have made others slightly more attractive, but I still found a job quite easily.
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      Attending an online program decreased my competitiveness in the job market, and it took quite a while to find a job.
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      I graduated from my online program, and I am STILL looking for a job as an NP.
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      If I could do it over, I would NOT have gone with an online FNP program!

I am writing because I am going to be graduating with a Bachelor's in Nursing in December 2014 from Washington State University, and I could really use some advice from Gonzaga alumni (or students who are pretty far along in their NP program). I came across Gonzaga University's Online FNP program a few days ago, and was excited about the idea of starting my FNP in the spring (online) while working full-time as an RN. Here are my questions:

Is Gonzaga viewed equally with other NP's even though it is online?

Was it very difficult to find NP preceptors?

How many different preceptors do you need? Can you work with many different people, or just one depending on what you would prefer?

Any other advice that you think would be helpful would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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I'm also applying for the Jan 2015 start date at Gonzaga . It sounds like a great program. I'm worried about taking the GRE or MAT. Not sure which one would the best for me.

It seems like the program is designed for a full time working nurse. I have several coworkers who are in FNP programs in Texas and work full time until the last year when the clinical hours increase, then they work part time.

Are you applying for the Jan 13 start date?