Golden West College, anyone here get in recently?


GWC is too of my list due to its location and point system gives me the best chance. Has anyone here gotten in recently? If so, May I ask how many points you had?

Lastly, how's the program and the campus? Are the instructors decent? Oh, and how many clinical hours do you need to do weekly and anyone manage to work while attending?



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I had around 70 points from what I remember. (3.5 GPA, 2 AA degrees, 200+ volunteer hours, EMT license, 77% on the teas) I applied in March of this year, didn't get in fall but got in Spring 2015. I have a friend in the program now and told me she loves it. I have heard rumors how gwc is tough but I think they do that to weed out the weaklings in the beginning. I just attended their open house and had a third semester student give me a lot of the study guides/nursing objectives/material for the first semester. So that I can give it to my future classmates as well :) I didn't get a bad vibe from the instructors or nursing program director. (But what do I know?) As for the campus, its not too bad but I have visited LBCC, Saddleback, Cerritos, Santa Ana, Cypress and Rio Hondo and I like GWC location better (close to the freeway, mall next door, starbucks nearby etc).

I just turned in my clinical questionnaire for Spring and I had a choice of either Friday or Saturday 7am-7pm (the older students told me its more like 6:30am to 8pm) and the questionnaire also asked us where we work and to list where we do work. I plan on working during the semester because I have no choice. (bills etc)

Hope this helps :)


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I'm currently in my first semester, Fall 2014. I had around 45 points. I didn't think I'd get in but I was chosen as an alternate back in June. You probably shouldn't work on the weekdays for the first month because 4 week boot camp is basically 8-4pm everyday except for Thursday if i remember right. I have clinicals on friday which is 630am to 730pm. Other people may go 7 to 745 but it depends on your facility. We come to the hospital a day prior to pick a patient and do a little research paper on them, this takes me from 2pm to 4pm and then go home to research about another 2 hours but it gets quicker. However, you always run the chance of that patient leaving so be prepared to research a new patient on the fly once you're at clinicals. I love the instructors so far, they are very understanding and helpful. They know if someone is bs-ing and not practicing. To me, the hardest part was getting organized and planning ahead because it can get very overwhelming at first because there will be quizzes, exams, clinical paperwork and lab assessments all due at the same time. Just be ahead and don't get behind. There are people who work but they don't work full time I think and they are doing very well. The hardest part is not the clinicals or labwork but is the critical thinking needed for the exams. You could pick up an nclex prep book and get used to the way they ask questions because that's how our exams are.


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I got admitted to the spring '15 class.

I can't recall exactly off the top of my head but I had either 69 or 70 pts total

I had a 3.5 on my pre reqs

Scored 74.7 on my teas (didn't study going into it so it's very possible to get a high score if you do actually study :).

Had 3 associate degrees

Over 200+ hours working in a healthcare environment