Going into 3rd Semester Advice (Medsurg 2 & Community Based Nursing/Psych)

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Hello All!

I finally got through 2nd semester! I did have to retake it once, but I found medsurg 1 incredibly hard. I had a really tough time with the critical thinking and 'connecting the dots' aspect of it. I really want to do good in third semester, I want to learn & grow as much as I can.

&& because 3rd is medsurg 2 & CBN/Psych, I am honestly very nervous about it.

So I'm wondering, if anyone has any advice/tips/words of wisdom for how I should prepare for 3rd and what to keep in mind while in 3rd?

My biggest area of struggle is the one where (as a nurse) I see my pt. in front of me with there list of meds, admin d/x & labs, my assessment data- and I connect things from my book/lec. knowledge and make appropriate nursing decisions based on that. A

m I expecting TOO MUCH from myself as a 3rd semester student or is this something I should be able to do by the time I go into 3rd?

My first time in 2nd semester was SO rough, I had a horrible teacher who really beat me down and singled me out. She literally told me I had no critical thinking skills and should choose a different career. I didn't let her destroy my dream and thus, my second time in 2nd semester was much better and I learned SO much, I really felt like that little light bulb was starting to flicker; I just want it to keep flickering and I don't want to feel so unsure of myself in the clinical setting.

Any advice?