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Going to Jonesboro? Arkansas State / Texas Wesleyan University

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I just wanted to offer any help to students moving to Jonesboro, Arkansas for anesthesia school or clinicals. I was in a pretty bad living situation at The Links at Jonesboro and knowing what all goes into anesthesia school - don't want anyone else to have to deal with what I've gone through. So please feel free to PM me if you were curious on what places are good to live in (because there are not a whole lot of options when it comes to descent apartments here).

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Now that I have gotten my deposit back - I can now say.. .AVOID THE LINKS AT JONESBORO. (Or any LINDSEY MANAGEMENT property - same places, same type of management, just different names on the outside). It was funny.. I would tell people my experience in Jonesboro and then I would get their stories from other complexes across the state. I just wish someone would've warned me beforehand. So tell anyone you know going to Jonesboro!!

Here is a link that specifically rates "The Links at Jonesboro" with comments about the place. But it's also a way to see some other Jonesboro apartments that were rated.


Basically what happened to me, everything that could go wrong.. did. The management staff is HORRIBLE. It's noisy, not safe, poorly built. There's truly not one positive thing I could say about it. My take on the situation, once they get you to sign your lease and have your $$$, they know you're stuck if you care even a little bit about your credit, and they could care less if you're happy. In my building alone, I saw at least 7 different groups of people move in and out and they either didn't fulfill their lease or they left right when it ended. I think that says a lot right there.

If you just take your time to drive around and look, you'll find something much better. At the back side of The Links there are brand new apartment buildings, and across from there are brand new duplexes. Many people make the mistake thinking that the Links is the only place worth living at since there are slim pickings in Jonesboro, but trust me.. it's not worth it. Just pay the extra $$$ and stay somewhere better - you'll need a nice quiet environment while you're in school.

If you do decide that it's the only place to live, JUST A WARNING, they don't tell you this in the beginning when you've put down your deposit. The day you come in to sign your lease, in the lease it states that they will automatically take out $145 of your deposit for cleaning that they do once you move out. So no matter what you do, youre not getting all of your deposit back. They also took an additional $16 for replacing burner pans. I personally think that it's pretty bad for someone to withhold this type of information until you've loaded up a U-Haul, paid your deposit, and have no choice but to move it.

One more thing, I heard this from an ASU student. With ASU, if your clinical site is not local, you're in Jonesboro until the end of April (4 months). They told this person that if they sign a 6 month lease, they would not make them fulfill their lease term and would let them break their lease. When it came time to move, they told them they had to finish their lease term and had to pay the remaining two months left even though they wouldn't be there. They pulled the say one thing and conveniently deny saying it act on me as well.

But, I just wanted to put this out and keep anyone from getting into something they're not aware of. Hope this information helps!

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