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Going back...need advice

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I entered an ADN program at a local technical college straight out of high school. I struggled but I made it through most of the program. I first made a D in adult med surg and then and F when I retook it. My life long dream was to be a nurse but school was tough for me. I had never thought of being anything else so I was completely distraught when I failed out. I then went to a private college and got my AS and graduated with a 3.9. I grew up going to private school and I think it just suits me a little better. Anyway, I've worked now for 5+ years as a CMA. I make great money and work for a wonderful doctor but I want to complete my goal. I've been doing some research and I have a few options and now I'm confused about the best route for me. The tech college I failed out of will readmit me but I have to challenge my 3 labs sciences and I can challenge the nursing courses I passed. If I'm successful I can then be readmitted into the adult med surg I failed and start from there. I would only have 1 nursing class and then I could take my LPN boards and a total of 4 to complete my ADN. My second option is to challenge the sciences and start over in the nursing program but I cant get admitted until fall 2012. My third option is to apply for admission to a tech college that is about 55 miles from my house and start fall 2011. My dilema is do I challenge these courses or will I make a better nurse if I start over from the beginning. I don't want to short myself and I want to do the right thing. It's been 6 1/2 years since I failed and I know alot has changed. What would you do? HELP!