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Going back to Dream Job at the cost of rotating?

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by kiddonurse1835 kiddonurse1835 (New) New Nurse

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Hi Everyone!

I was so lucky to have started as a new grad on a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology floor. I found myself having trouble because I was in a tough place in my life and ended up leaving after 1.5 years. Rotating schedule was something I had trouble getting accustomed to.

I then went outpatient followed by the Cardiac Surgical ICU. I now am considering going back to my old floor and subsequently going back to school to get my Pedi NP.

I'm scared that my life will turn upside-down again though now I have a supportive boyfriend, more balanced life, and ability to recover from nights. I deeply miss that patient population and my coworkers.

Any thoughts, comments, or opinions I would appreciate 🙂

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