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Here's a question I know hasn't been asked. So I've been working my ass off for five years now to get my adn, then work while completing my bsn full time. And my app is due in 1 1/2 months. I've been working on my goal statement and am having the hardest time I've ever had. Mainly because this is what I've worked for for so long. I have books and have seen other statements to get an idea, but how do you make an average person seem above average??


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I also felt that the goal statement was incredibly difficult. Advise from a physician friend who sat on a medical school admission panel helped alot. His main points were

1. Don't BS. Admision committtees can spot this a mile away

2. Take time and think about why you want to do this.

3. Be sincere and let your passion for the career show.

4. Mention the dedication you have already shown to this dream to get to the point of applying.

5. Mention the reasons you are applying to this specific school ig national rank, reputation, knowledge of former grads etc. Tell how you think this school would fit your goals and how you could be good for the school; team spirit, previous leadership exp, volunteer service etc. In other words don't write a generic letter for every school.

I took about a week to write and rewrite and polish my letter. Have someone proof-read your letter; after looking at it for so long it may not say what you want it to. Also be prepared to discuss the goals mentioned in your letter during the interview

Class positions are very precious to committee members. They want to fill the class with people that will make it through the program, exhibit a team spirit both in the OR and towards classmates and represent the school in a positive light in the future.

One anesthesia instructor told me the quickest way to be passed over during the application process was to appear cocky. Mentioned you can always teach someone who wants to learn but cockiness kills patients. (Not that your post appeared cocky, just advise that I was given)

Anyway, hope this helps

Good luck to you


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Emphasize your determinaton and hard work, but stress that you are very teachable and believe in being a life long learner. Also make it concise and sincere don't give them a lot of fluff.


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I know what a challenge you are having. It took me almost a week to write couple of statements. I wanted give the admissions people a glimpse of what I am about, what motivates me, what makes me tick, and why I love the idea of becoming a CRNA. I didn't talk about my own qualifications that much because all of that was elswhere in my application.

There are professional editing services online that I used as well. Some are inexpensive like editavenue.com ($10) and other services like the ones that use ivy league professors are like $70. I found a good editor at editavenue.com that helped me improve my essays and eliminate any gramatical errors.


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Keeping this simple---In response to your last sentence, I would have to point you to Sweetdreams' #1 of the list. I don't think you want to "seem above average" because that usually leads to BS'ing (I have seen this a few times, and after just interviewing I asked the director what she noticed most about my appy specifically---she said that I didn't BS my personal statement, but rather spoke sincerely about the what and why of my applying!)

If it works out right, you will standout because of your own unique reasons for wanting to do nurse anesthesia. Hope this helps...:cool:


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Thanks so much for everyone's sincere responses. They have really helped direct me the right way. And believe me, I am definitely not the cocky type, I get along well with everyone. It's just so hard to put on paper what's in your heart and mind.


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