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I want to start my job in nurse field, but when I go to public shool that require prerequisite courses. It takes about 3 semesters at least to fulfill those prerequisite courses. So, I think I should go to prive school to study to be LVN first, then go to work, then I go back to school to continue for the ADN. Is ADN the same RN in associate degree in nursing?

My questions are:

1/ Does public school accept me in the nursing program without prerequisite courses if I have LVN certificate?

I hear that if beginning I go by private school, later I must go by private school for the higher lavel, because the public school don't accept someone to stranfer from private school.

2/ Can I get a job with LVN nowadays ? (I mean in the difficult economic now)

3/ If I finish prerequisite courses, how long I can get into the program if I go by public school?

Thanks for help.

I get stress of those.


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