Go for the ADN or accelerated BSN or what?


I feel I am in such a pickle. I prepared my undergrad degree in psychology with nursing prep courses (bio, chem, math, ect) with the intent to go to a local tech school when I graduated for nursing. Im graduating in May, I applied to the school...and find out there is a 2+ year waiting list for the ADN program.

Now what? I really do not want to wait two years, especially when I have been preparing. Evidently not enough :/ To go to the local state school and get a BSN is so expensive. And it takes so long, because its not accelerated for someone with a degree. And there is a waiting list.

Is there a way to either a) have a hospital or organization pay for school in return for working for them (like a teacher), or b) any recommendations for accelerated ADN/BSN programs, without a huge waiting list? I suppose I could get loans, but I managed my first degree without them. Ive called the state and tech schools in South Carolina, and feel like I would be waiting forever and then some to get into clinical classes. Any advice on anywhere else?

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