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GN with CCU interview - What to review?

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Hi All,

I'm an older(42), male, second-career, recent GN(BSN). Almost all healthcare professionals, (mostly friends, so I don't think they'd TRY to steer me wrong) that I've spoken with (RN's, CRNA's,Docs, etc...) have said that they believe that I should start my career in CCU. They have said that from their experience that they believe that that is where the best opportunities for me to be successful later on will come from. With that in mind, I have scheduled an interview at a big, busy, CCU nearby (ie. they've said that those with some experience here typically do well in grad school.)

Since this is my second career, I don't have a lot of practical, clinical experience. I mean, I've done well in school, know how to read the books and take the tests, get good grades, always show up for my clinical assignments, do what's expected of me while in clinicals, etc...

I, however, don't have a lot of confidence going into the work phase of this process yet (like I think some of my LPN classmates have). I hope that once I start (hopefully) on the CCU that I will have time to concentrate on CCU stuff and not have to spend so much time with OB, Peds, Psych, etc.... I'm hoping I'll get more confidence then.

What should I highlite/downplay during my interview? What should I review prior to? How much should I review before I get there? I don't expect a lot of technical questions but I don't want to appear lost either.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as well.

Sorry for making it kind of long but its really important and some background I think is necessary. Jeff

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avery has 4 years experience and specializes in CVICU, CV Transplant.

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What is it you think they do in the CCU? What patient populations will you be working with? What type of hospital is it? Teaching/university/magnet etc.

These are some starting points

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