Giving birth during Nursing Program?

by Kapierce84 Kapierce84 (New) New

Hello all! I am in need of advice quickly! I have been working hard in school past year on pre-reqs for my college's RN program. I applied and got in and I'm set to start next month! I have been having terrible baby fever for past 6 months, I just can't shake it, I've tried! I am 36 years old and I feel my window is closing fast on conceiving another child. I am a mother of already 3 children, all school age, which is why I decided now was the right time to pursue this nursing degree. I swear I was sure after my third I was done, but little did I know THEN, I am not done. I really want one more chance to have a baby, and I feel now is the best time.

My main question is do I put nursing school on hold for another few years, or should I try to get pregnant while in the program? I've worked so hard to get to this point, I hate the thought of having to withdraw from my program, but when I have a new baby I really want to be able to give the baby ALL of my attention, especially during the first year.

Another issue is my husband and I may be experiencing some fertility issues and conceiving is not a for sure thing or it may take many months, but I still am longing to try! I'm most wondering if I do get pregnant in the middle of my program, do you think I would be able to take a couple of semesters off after I give birth and then maybe resume where I left off??? I know that is probably a good question for my program's director, but I just wanted to get some feedback here first.

thank you!