GHNTS....Please get organized. You're making it really hard to learn. Please!

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I am in the LPN program. The school has very good doctor/instructors and several well qualified nurses that are not the best teachers. I was very excited when I started and the instructors for A&P and Pharmacology were tuff, smart and very good at teaching and not just telling. The nurses however are a different story. One nurse seems to be on a power trip and seems to have to much else going on as in another job that takes up most of her pree time making her unsympathetic to the students. Another is very smart and a good teacher but you can barley hear her talk. Another shows up an hour late every day and tends to ramble about personal stories and then runs through a power point telling you but not really teaching half the time. It's tuff to keep up with the constant changes but if you can't do that you may not be a very good nurse(a teaching class might help them). The classrooms are constantly swithcin and the staff seems unable to keep it straight. The staff seems to get agitated with the slightest questioning of the institution or it's policies. The policies seems to change from week to week. Another nurse is very good and I think she is doing right by them students. I am considering a change to another school if it doesn't get more constant. The hardest part is the disorganization. It's hard enough to learn new stuff with out the constant moving of classrooms and switchin of instructors and the changes in curriculum. I'm pretty sure some of the instructors come in blind to each new class, without reading the syllabus or there own power points. It's probably one of the better schools if they could just keep things more organized, improve the teaching skills and be prepared for the classes. How can you expect the student to be prepared when the instructor is not half the time.. I am going to hang in there. Hopefully they read this and it helps. I am to afraid to bring it up at school for fear of getting on the bad side of the school. Maybe I need to speak out.

I wanted to know if your still attending the school! I have had the same problem. People should get together and take it to the board.

ghnts- i saw this on another site and i felt it belonged here! i got this off forum. thats said that you got your own students that scared to say anything or even speak the truth.

omg omg omg omg omg!

for everyone who attends global health nurse training services and lied on the survey given this week by the va higher board of education needs to be kicked not once for lying but twice for leting people break the rules. you had a chance to help global health nurse training services and when you had the chance you lied. what is your problem. now what's next. get it the rest stuff up your rear mean for real. who gives up a chance to make the school better. i am the one who contact the board and got them to look at the school. now since all you little babies who want to go around and complain but don't do anything. i will. from this day forward i don't want to hear anymore people complain about this school. i mean absolutely no one complain about this school. no one i mean no one can stop you from getting your education. if they do there's people out there that can help stop it. everyone that lied on there survey you are now part of the problem and not part of the solutions. from this point on global health nurse training services should the quietest school around because there will be no more complain in the halls , bathroom, parking lots, break areas and especially the hall ways. i am very upset with all of you that lied and using some stupid excuse that you'll get in trouble. u will be walked on.

i mean i don't want to hear anymore complaints. liar liar pants on fire. shame shame.

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anonymous wants u2 know the truth in alexandria, virginia

My best advise is to stay away from this school.

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