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Hello all! I think I have FINALLY found the school for me! I currently live in the Dalton, GA area, but for personal reasons, I don't want to go to Dalton State. I was looking into Chatt State and Cleveland State, but that would put me out of state. Northwestern is just too far of a drive for me. How on earth have I never heard of GHC??? I just surfed across it today and I'm soooo excited! I work for a call center which also has a location in Calhoun. People transfer to that office all the time, so I'm hoping I can transfer to Calhoun and we will just move to Rome. (I will have to work up until I start the actual nursing program... after that, we'll play it by ear lol) We were considering moving to Calhoun, anyway, so this just gives us more reason to move to the area.

I do have a question about prereqs, though. BIOL 2122K (A&P II) and BIOL 2160K (Microbiology) are listed as "corequisite" under the course descriptions. I'm not really sure what this means. I'm assuming you have to take them both at the same time? That seems a little scary because I think they would both be pretty challenging. I wasn't sure if that means you have to take 2122K at the same time as 2160K or if it just means that they CAN BE (not necessarily have to be) taken together. Any help??? Thanks!!!


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Hello! I am currently in the GHC nursing program. You need to take all the prereq.'s before applying to the program. To take A&P 2 you have to take A&P1 first. You could take A&P1 and Micro together if you wanted. I would recommend taking them separately. THis program is highly competive, so be sure not to overload yourself. Good luck. This is a great program!

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I took A&P II and Micro at GHC in the same semester, and at many points it felt like the back of my head was being whacked with a 2x4! Even my professor suggested taking those two seperately! Micro's a good summer course to take, and no, you don't have to take both at the same time. If you hold a full-time job you're simply not gonna have enough time for both courses simultaneously.

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