Getting started as an LNC

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Hello, I'm just getting started with learning about LNC. It was an area that interested me in school when it was introduced but I knew that I would need some experience before pursuing. I'm taking a Certificate program with a local college and plan to take another course with a local University. I'm already halfway through the course I'm enrolled in currently and have been considering how I'm going to get started.

I've looked through some of the forum topics and couldn't find any recent topics that could answer some of the questions I have.


1. There are many advertisements for other training programs that boast about earning $150 an hour, but I would like to know what is a realistic fee/charge. What are some things that current LNC consider when determining their fee? I'm located in South Florida and have not been able find reliable market rates for LNC fees

2. What are some professional resources that you should consider having available? I imagine that having an account with a medical journal database would be valuable along with resources like Lexicomp and UpToDate etc.

3. Can I reasonably expect to be able to work out my own home office or should I expect to go into a law office regularly?

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