Getting into nursing school

by Loni Marie Loni Marie (New) New

Hi everyone!

I am currently a pre-nursing student in California who is about to apply for nursing school. Having completed all of my prerequisites and general ED classes my final step is to take the TEAS. I have a 3.6 overall GPA and a 3.18 science GPA. The grades I received in my science classes is a B in Anatomy, a B in physiology lecture, an A in physiology lab, and a B+ in Microbiology. Thankfully I passed all my classes and never had to retake any. Although I really am not happy with the grades I recieved. A lot of the schools in California go by a point system. I have a previous degree, volunteered at a hospital, and I have recently received my CNA license, and plan to work to get more experience. I am mostly looking into CC programs because I feel like I won't get into any universities with my grades. Plus getting into programs are so difficult especially in California. For those who have applied to programs in California what were your experience like? Also, let me know what are my chances of getting in. Thanks! 🤗