Getting a nursing job with no work experience?


My story is a little unique. I'm 30 and developed a rare chronic illness when I was 17 and was put on disability at 19. It's really common with this illness to not be diagnosed correctly for 10 or 15 years. It's rare and it mocks so many other illnesses. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 28. The good thing is, is that once you're diagnosed there's a really awesome (and ridiculously expensive) treatment that basically turns you from seriously sick, bedridden, to being completely functional. It doesn't cure it, but it treats the underlying issue as long as you continue to take it.

Once I got on this medication, I immediately went back to school. I had to drop out my first year of college over ten years ago and had been preparing to get my pre reqs for pre medicine before getting sick. I am done with my pre requisites for nursing and into my first semester of nursing school and things are going great. I'm doing a lot better then most of my classmates and scheduled to graduate in May 2019.

But I'm worried about getting a job, when I have no work experience since I was 19? As much as I'm willing to work now, if I do, I'll lose my medical insurance and be stuck with a $10,000 per month bill for my medicine.

I'm very weary of telling anyone outside of my friends and family about those years and nobody in my nursing program knows and I'm not sure how to even approach the fact that I have over a ten year gap in employment?

Anyone have any advice?