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Getting through new grad orientation

I'm a new LPN, but I'm sure it's also the same for new RNs and GNs. I've been on my unit orienting for 3 weeks. The supervisor said whatever you do do NOT go over 40 hrs a week. (I don't count in the staffing numbers on orientation and they don't want to pay me time and 1/2 until I count in the staffing numbers.) I totally understand. However, it seems no matter what I do I can't get out on time. My preceptor stays at least an hour or so over every shift. I really want to get the experience giving and recieving report at the end of the shift, but I don't want to get in trouble for staying. I also do not want to get into the habit of needed to stay late. A 12 hr shift is enough. It shouldn't have to be 14. The nurses on the floor feel guilty if they dont give everything done and dont want to pass it on to the next shift, but sometimes I think you just have too. I dont want to get in trouble, and I dont want my preceptor to get angry either. How do you all balance the two?

Hi! I started my orientation program two weeks ago. So far so good. =) Learning lots but still have plenty to learn and see. The hospital that I work for also has the same thing...new grads on orientation don't get overtime. If I stay longer than my scheduled hours (> 8 hours), I still get paid 8 hours. It's not fair!

I think it's OK if you stay over 15 to 30 minutes...and work for "free". But an hour and more?!?! No way! Do the nurses get pay overtime if they stay late? Personally, I think you should talk to your preceptor about it. I mean who would like to work for free.

Do you have your own patients? Or are you co-nurse with your preceptor? In my case, 4 patients are assigned to my preceptor. I usually take 1 or 2 of those patients. Those 1 or 2 patients are mine...but my nurse is also responsible for them. They are pretty much my patients...my preceptor doesn't really look after them. At the end of the day, once it's time to go home...I give report to the nurse coming on the unit and off I go. Work is never done...I think it's OK to leave as long as you've document and give report.

Good luck!

welcome to nursing!

unfortunatley from time to time facilities will put pressure on administrators to crunch their numbers and tell the nurses not to get out late-what a joke! the best line we get in our hospital is, "nursing is a 24 hour job-what you dont finish, leave for the next shift" well the next shift is not able to do my assessment and documentation under my initials-so who suffers-the patients! so my best advice is to always put patient care first-because if you end up in court, and you say,"well you see judge, my boss told me i had to get out on time so i didnt do or treat the patient the way he/she medically needed to be, but im sure my boss will testify that i was told not to work past my scheduled hours"--i dont think you will stand much of a chance -protect your licence and your patients--eventually with experience you will get the confidence to do that! best of luck to you

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