Getting into MEPN program- how useful is prior experience?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Hi Everyone,

I'm on track to finish my requirements to apply to MEPN programs and I'm seriously considering changing my job (I work in HR) to gain specific health care experience prior to application. However, I'm also enrolled in CNA school on the weekends. Is it better to switch my HR day job to a job in a hospital/clinical setting (the new job will only be a position coordinating trainings and such), or do I stay at my current job, finish the CNA, and seek employment as a nursing assistant to get experience?

I want to get into nursing school more than anything and am willing to give up some stability in my job to do it. However, I need a reality check on how useful a non-provider job (albeit in a hospital setting) is in terms of making me a more competitive applicant.

I would love any insight or opinions into the situation. I don't know many people on the same track and your comments are greatly appreciated! :)

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