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getting a job

I posted this on the student nurse forum as well.. I didnt know this forum existed! Anyway.. hoping for some insight...

Hello all...

I am hoping I can get some ideas here.. I just graduated from a BSN program a couple of weeks ago. I plan to take my NCLEX in Feb and I would like to get a job after that but my husband is getting transferred to another state with his job in April.. I live in a very small town and most of the HR people at our local hospital know I am moving so I don't think I will be able to get a job just until april.. I was just wondering if any of you took that much time off before getting your first job.. I am a little nervous about it.. I spoke to one of my instructors and she said "umm.. perhaps you have heard of a little something called a 'nursing shortage' you will not have trouble finding a job when you get there." That made me feel better but I still feel like I will be wasting time.. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I start looking for a job at my new location??


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