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Getting Irish nursing degree registered in Sweden/ Norway

by lisa_3 lisa_3 (New) New

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Hey guys,

I have just finished my first year of my nursing degree in Ireland. I am hoping to emigrate to Norway or Sweden when i get my full degree, (in three years time) but i am a bit confused about the registration process, or if it is even possible.

I know Norway and Sweden have completely different systems but i figured i might as well ask about the two together.

I recently heard that Norway will not register any nurses who have trained outside their country and im hoping this isnt true! As for Sweden, i havent been able to find any information. Ireland is an EU country so i thought that might make the process easier, and of course i would be sure to be fluent in the language and pass a language test before applying for jobs.

Can anybody help me out, i just need to know if its possible to get my irish Honours bachelor degree in nursing science registered in one of these countries and a little about the process if possible. I love nursing but if it wont let me live in one of the countries i love ill have to give it up and train as something else.

Thanks a million in advance, this website is really great! :D


(i had to select the UK as my locale but i am actually in ireland)