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Hi, I have recently started working in Nursing again after 10 years. I have some med surg experience,  but most of my experience is in long term care SNF and Blood banking.


I rejoined Nursing due to Covid and the fact my son was Diagnosed with Crohn's . I also have microscopic colitis. I have an proud to be part of Team Challenge for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and completed the NewYork Marathon in November and now going with TC for Chicago marathon in October. 


I really feel the calling to go into GI, Endoscopy Nursing  and pursuing certification,but not sure the best route. I am 55 and have my RN liscence in California and Washington,  and in the process of getting my license in Oregon where my family lives.

Most positions require experience in GI or acute. I see positions for techs, would that help with experience? 


Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks



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Hello, I've been in the GE Lab for a few years.  Previous ICU/Tele/m/s.  It's really different from other areas of nursing - Procedural Nursing.  I suggest that you become familiar with GI nursing    They have a new textbook which I think would be a good start, even if you bought an older textbook that's OK.  Different places use nurses differently.  We work in pre-op/PACU & inside the Procedure Room.  Some places, RNs work as techs, some don't.  Techs are highly specialized - Endo Techs - not like on the floor.  That position takes a lot of skill & knowledge, a few months to master. They have to know how to do the procedure & the preferences of the doctor.  I suggest that you look specifically to the way the position is worded, read it carefully.  I knew a new grad that came and she did great.  Having said all this, I really love it here.  It's a different type of nursing & you use your skills in a different way.  BTW, I work in a hospital with a higher acuity.  I think now you have more leverage if that's really what you want to do.  Also watch some Youtube videos to see procedures.

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