Getting experience!?!

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Hello fellow nurses. I just wanted to vent a little bit and would like some advice. I worked as a bedside nurse for 10+ years in a med/surg field. I got injured at work and I am not able to work at bedside anymore. I currently work in public health and finally got well enough to return to work where I can use my nursing skills again!  I would love to work in a clinic setting as a primary care nurse but was told I do not have community or primary nurse experience. I'm super frustrated because how does one get experience in that area if no one is willing to hire them? In other areas of nursing,  I know you can take speciality courses  and take online training. But for primary care?  How do I get the experience?  I'm just getting tired of rejection after rejection and feel like all my 10+ year experiences does not mean a thing! 

Thanks for listening. Grateful for any advice if anyone has any to send my way!  

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