Getting back into the OR


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Hi everyone,

I'm technically considered an "old new grad nurse". I completed a new graduate OR nurse residency program a year ago, but unfortunately got injured (outside of work) and had to get surgery. I moved back to my home state of New york to recover. After getting through the hassle of transferring my license (from Delaware), I applied for jobs, and have an interview for an OR position at a relatively small hospital. I'm a little nervous since I have been out for so long.

YoYosama, BSN

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You dont use a single thing from nursing school in the OR. I feel like anyone can do this job just need basic medical knowledge and a regard for safety. It's extremely overwhelming at first because it's not like what you learned in nursing school. You will be fine if you are worrying about things you learned in school.


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I agree and disagree with @YoYosama.

In nursing school, I learned tons about meds, how to do head to toe assessments, place IVs and how to give shots (among other things).

Do I do this now? No. But the nursing education that has helped is A&P. For a Lap Chole, knowing what we clip/cut helps. Seeing a diagnosis and understand whats happening cuz thats what I learned in school, helps. Everything else is on the job training and memorization. Commit to taking the OR education home and reviewing it.

Im probably late but if someone else is in a similar situation::

I say talk about what you liked about the OR in the interview and why you still wanna see it through.