Getting into ASN program at Ivy Tech (Northwest)?


Hello all!

I am looking into possibly transferring to an Ivy Tech campus from Ball State University. I was denied spring 2018 admission to nursing school and as a result, I have decided that after this fall semester is over I will be transferring back home. I'm looking into attending the Valparaiso Ivy Tech campus but would be willing to apply to just about any location in the northwest region. I know I will not be able to apply to the ASN program until March to be considered for fall 2018 admission, but I was hoping to get some input on the likelihood of me being admitted.

I have a 3.5 cumulative GPA. I received a 84.7% on my ATI TEAS test. My pre-req grades are typically As, with the exception of a B+ in anatomy. According to what I have calculated, it looks like my admission "points" for Ivy Tech add up to about a 134. From current Ivy Tech students or those that know about the ASN program for Ivy Tech, how would you rate my chances of being accepted into the ASN program on the first apply, generally speaking?