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i am looking at a classe that i think might give me a lead on the competition for a crna program in va. i would like for everyones opinon. it is a critical care certification program worth 12 credits. that would be in to addition to my ccrn certification, pals, acls, aacn and nbna associations, letters from 3 crnas that i have spent time with, letters of reference from my supervisor and 3 of the cardiac surgeons, and 2 years experience in cardiac surgical icu. what do you think my chances are of getting in to the crna program? or is there something else i should have or do to put me over the top? i am studying to take the gre. thanks for your time in reading this message. walter

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I am not the right person to answer your question because I don't have any ties to education, just clinical practice. But, there is something that I think is important to show that you understand. That is, that you are able to make independent judgments based upon your knowledge, education and assessment. This is much different from nursing practice where you either function from doctors' orders, standardized procedures, protocols or whatever they are called in your institutions. In anesthesia, we do use algorithms but they have to be part of your regular thinking with every case. This is important because on a moment to moment basis you must make the necessary modifications in your anesthesia technique to acommodate the needs of the patient and surgery. Even ICU nursing doesn't come close to these quick judgement calls that you find in anesthesia.

Just some random thoughts, but probably not much help in ansewering your question.



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Yoga Crna

Thanks for the information about being able to show that I have the ability to think critically on my feet . I am sure the interview board will want me to demonstrate that ability to them. So I will get some of the nurses I know to act as an interview panel, and test me with questions that some of the CRNAs that work in our hospital can remember being asked and see how I do. Walter:kiss


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I would relax a little, you seem to have more than enough letters and certifications. As long as your grades are good and you do well on the GRE you should be fine. When I had my interview I was told that the applicant gets points for grade point average, GRE or MAT score, clinical experience and interwiew presentation. I don't know if they actual gave points for certifications, but it certainlly looks very good and wont hurt. But grades and GRE scores were very important along with the actual critical care experience. Well, I hope this helps, I am still waiting to find out whether I got in. God luck I am sure you will do well.

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