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why can't i get a job?

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I have been an lpn for over 10 years, most of that time working in hospitals, the last 5 years as an agency nurse. When the recession hit, the hours started to decline until finally there was nothing. For the last year I have only worked here and there, making less than a third of what it was 3-4 years ago. I apply for positions weekly and don't even get called for an interview. The only thing I haven't tried is LTC which is not an option for me. I was offered staff positions at many of the facilities where I worked through the agency and always received good evaluations. Is anyone else having a problem finding work? I think one thing that is hurting me in my area (dayton) is that there are at least 3 schools turning out new grads every 12-18 months. Advice from any and all would be appreciated :confused:

I haven't been able to get a job either, and have been without work for almost a month now. I've been a nurse for 6 years, primarily an Oncology nurse (Chemotherapy and Biotherapy provider certified) working in hospitals. Last August I decided I needed a change from my very stressful hospital job and took a job as a home health nurse. THAT was a nightmare to say the least! I wound up with a serious medical problem in my left hip from sitting so much (all our charting was done by paperwork - no computers!) and my MD told me I needed to quit or I may potentially wind up with some lifelong problems. So, I quit without another job. :-( Yeah, I know that wasn't smart, but I really thought I'd be able to find another job! Now the job market for nurses here (Huntsville, AL) has pretty much tanked. I don't know what I'm going to do...Probably wait tables if something doesn't open up pretty soon.


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