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Germanna applicants and class schedules


Hi! I just applied to Germanna's RN program for spring 2012 admission. Wondering if anyone else has also applied and are you willing to share your TEAS score? Just trying to figure out what scores are needed for admission; I already know the minimum score, I would just like to hear what other Germanna applicants are averaging. I scored in the 95th percentile overall and I am hoping that will be good enough. Also if there are any current Germanna RN students - what is the 1st semester class schedule like? How many classes did you take the 1st semester? What day(s) did you have class? I am especially interested in what day(s) and times you had clinical or lab? And if any of you worked, how many hours per week were you able to work + keep up with your studies? Thanks for any info you can give about Germanna's program!