What's your 2nd shift routine??

  1. Brand new LPN started training as a 2nd shift nurse in long term facility. Observed a few nurses and some worked hard and not smart. Not too organized. I have seen some people share how a plan/routine that worked for them on 1st & 3rd shift, is there anyone that can share their plan/routine for 2ns shift?
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  3. by   GypsyNurse0503
    Come in, get report, count.

    Lay eyes on everyone/check for patches (if necessary).

    Go through MAR/TAR to check for new orders and figure out the med pass schedule.

    Mark the times of your meds on your brain sheet/census sheet so that you're not constantly flipping through the MAR. Same with your treatments if you're not familiar with who gets what when.

    Start first med pass.

    Depending on how many residents you have and how many aides are on, you help with call lights and passing trays during first med pass.

    If you get a quiet time where you're not helping feed during dinner, start your notes/summaries.

    Take your meal break (even if it's a 10 minute snack break, even if it's while doing your notes) if there's a lull during after dinner activities (usually a movie everyone is put in front of) but before the mass exodus to bed starts. ***Always mark on your brain sheet/census sheet if you've given a PRN, something of note happens, or anything that your facility likes to get passed on (BMs, percentage of meals eaten, etc). This not only helps with notes but also with report.

    Start 2nd med pass/treatments as people are getting into bed. Communicate with your aides so that, hopefully, you can time things so that you're helping them with the hoyer residents who also need meds/dressings/creams so that you both can tackle everything at once (you can help the aides with the hoyers and the aides can help you turn/reposition during a quick skin assessment/dressing change).

    Ideally, you're done with your last med pass by 10/10:15. Finish up your notes, charting any last minute incidences and PRNs given.

    Restock the med cart and prepare your report/tape for 11-7.