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  1. I have been on several of the threads looking for advise. I am a new grad in LTC facility. I see a lot of people put on here about a "routine" will help in the smooth transition of learning how to handle the load of LTC. I can agree to only a certain level...I see the point and do believe it can assist, however, I am soooo overwhelmed with everything else going on that things get put aside & I feel compromise the health of the residents. One of the biggest is "short staffing" & yet they demand "NO OVERTIME"!! More than one staff (including myself) have clocked out & stayed over and hour or more to try and catch up & still not getting everything complete. They say -- Pass it to the next shift!! ---Wow, really how fair is that - They have just as much as you & why put your responsibilities on them. Then the management says "We'll find you, believe us, if things aren't done correctly." --You have to put in a sheet explaining why you were over, if they think its good enough reason they will o.k. it. As a RN I certainly do not feel I am too good or ever too busy to get a call light when my CNA's are busy, however it's like a double edged sword....If I stop to get it, typically it takes me off track (time wise) and then I am trying to play catch-up the whole time -- which never seems to get complete!! The paperwork is UNREALISTIC to handle beyond all the care and med's you must give. (All done by hand-- no computer) Fax this - Chart that - Readjust this & then fax it to the pharmacy & MD & file...My head is spinning. I look at some of these posts and see 25-35 residents on a hall =< WOW!! I have 24 and feel swamped. I really try to go in setting my routine down but it always gets knocked out of the ballpark within the first couple hours on shift then the whole day is a free-for-all it seems. I am just really confused about how to help myself feel better about the schedule I am forced to deal with & keeping management off my back as well & giving good care...I know it is bad when seasoned nurses are also complaining of the same issues. I guess my problem is how can everyone say "IT WILL COME ... JUST GET A ROUTINE" when I feel that the problem is WAY BIGGER than routine. I work in a nice facility (clean & caring) but still has the same issues as every other LTC place out there....they seem to want to cover it all up with great astetic (sp?) feel, rather than getting the workers & patients what is best for them. Believe me, they could do without the "sun room" & pool table that no one uses & the 2 seperate "fine" dinning areas & give the facility better equipment (up-to-date -- IV poles & machines, we have only 1 automatic BP machine in whole facility, G-tube feed supplies & machines, colostomy care supplies) It's like they went to Tiffany's for the decor & a second hand shop for the equipment!!! ---- Just at a loss for understanding.
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    My only advice is to keep your head up and keep doing the best you can. I have never ever clocked out and stayed to finish my work. If my work is not completed, I either stay and finish it or if possible leave it for the next shift. If staffing is a problem, and you are continuely having to stay late after every shift..the upper powers to be need to know that. And if everyone is clocking out and staying to do the work...then management may not see that there is a problem. Yes..a good routine will make things a lot easier...it took me 2months to get my routine down and you always got to leave room for those interupptions. Then there are those days when even the seasoned nurse has a major curve ball thrown and everything is backed up. That is when you speak up and ask your nurse manager or even you DON for a helping hand. I had a patient that was slowly going down ...per patient's chart...we had to have family permission to send resident to the ER. I literally spent 2hrs with that ONE patient, keeping him stable until I finally got his family member on the phone. During that time, my med pass and other duties were on the back burner. I informed my nurse manager and she called our ADON who came down and worked the cart. Talk with your nurse manager, or DON. Ask them how you can better your time management. Maybe have another nurse shadow your med pass and see where your weakness is. Hope this helps...good luck!!!
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    I'd look for another job if you can.