Transmits to the state after July 1.2002

  1. Need some help. Today I was preparing my MDS for transmit to the state as I do every Thurs. My verification report came out w/ some strange reason's why the mds's were not able to be transmitted. #1: unanswered questions not completed. Well I manually went through these. Every question was answered. This in on the new short form for the 5 day. #2: when I actually submitted to the state all of my records were REJECTED. The reason was MDS item: vcode and (2.0D). I spent the day trying to figure it out. Unfortunately our system Monette was closed for the day, and of course so was the state for ?'s. I then went home, and cruised the HCFA site and found an article that explained what the added MDS item was and the 2.0D, bottom line I don't know if it is our system that was recently updated last Friday or am I actually not doing something right. Our social worker puts in the info for the fac sheet, and sections A AA AB. She wasn't at work today either. Anyway, besides being rejected it was a FATAL ERROR. It was an error #29, looked it up, but this error system info I have is from March 2000. So no where on #29 does this address my problem. If any one is interested I found on HFCA site :CHANGES FROM VERSION 1.10 TO VERSION 1.20 OF THE MDS 2.0 DATA SPECIFICATIONS, April 15, 2002 (v2). Appreciate any help. thanks TEX
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  3. by   Catsrule16
    Maybe the State's computer has not been updated to accept the newer form. Did you check with your State Agency?
  4. by   tex
    The state and our system is messed up, it was fixed on Friday and I transmitted today. Thank God it wasn't me, but what a waste of my time. Tex